Mission Burrito
Mission Burrito Advantage Card

The Mission Burrito Advantage Card


Redeem Your Points for Free Stuff
1. Log into your MBA account here. If you haven’t registered yet, click here.
2. Click “Reward Yourself” on the left navigation pane.
3. Select one reward (Chips & Guac or a Burrito) and enter the number of rewards you’d like to purchase with your Points.
4. Click the “Select” button.
5. Double check your order details on the Review Order page.
6. Click the “Place Order” button.
7. That’s it! Your rewards will be instantly loaded on your card and available for redemption. You’ll receive an email confirming your order.

*Effective 2 January, 2013, your MBA card will not automatically force you into a voucher when you hit a point milestone. Your registered MBA card will continue to accumulate points until you log into your account and "Reward Yourself" by exchanging your points for either Chip & Guac Vouchers or a Free Burrito Voucher. Activated only (unregistered) MBA cards will not be able to accumulate points nor exchange points for vouchers. Your points are safe but registration is required to retrieve them.

Register Your MBA Card

*Your card must be activated at a restaurant to register.

Combine Your Cards

*Instructions to combine your cards are Here.
Your card must be activated at the restaurant & registered to a username and password before attempting to combine multiple cards to one account.


Check Your MBA Card Balance

*Effective October 27th, 2011, points cannot be added to your card after the transaction. Your card must be present at the time of purchase.


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