Mission Burrito
Mission Burrito Advantage Card

The Mission Burrito Advantage Card


Redeem Your Points for Free Stuff

MBA Process Is Changing!
No Registration Required (effective as of July 2014)

1.) Purchase any food item or beverage

2.) Earn Points

1 pt = $1
100 pts = $8

3.) Once you've earned your points, reward dollars are added to your MBA card automatically


Terms and conditions: 

1. $1.00 = 1 point
2. A reward point is earned when 1 dollar is spent and can be claimed on a subsequent visit to a Mission Burrito restaurant.

3. Rewards not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

4. No cash alternative available. 

5. Not for re-sale.


NOTE: Current rewards will remain available on card.


Register Your MBA Card

*Your card must be activated at a restaurant to register.

Combine Your Cards

*Instructions to combine your cards are Here.
Your card must be activated at the restaurant & registered to a username and password before attempting to combine multiple cards to one account.


Check Your MBA Card Balance

*Effective October 27th, 2011, points cannot be added to your card after the transaction. Your card must be present at the time of purchase.


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