Mission Burrito

Mary Kay at Mission Burrito Atascocita

July 20 2012

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Register Your MBA Card Today

November 19 2009



Now you can check your MBA card balance online. To top that, you can now register your card. Register you say? What for? I'm glad you asked. By registering your MBA card we can make sure you are on the receiving end of some great food giveaways and promotions. So, registering your MBA = Free Food. Easy huh?


Check Your MBA Card Balance

Register Your MBA Card



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Free Wi-Fi with that burrito?

March 1 2009

Now surf the web while you enjoy your favorite burrito. Free Wi-Fi is available at all Mission Burrito locations. Simply open your laptops web browser to access the free Wi-Fi portal. Hit "Click Here" and your ready to roll.

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Loyalty punch card OUT: Mission Burrito Advantage card IN

January 20 2009
The new year is upon us, giving us a fresh start yet again. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Speaking of new, the new Mission Burrito Advantage Card is here. No more flimsy "punch cards" and silly hole punches. We're movin' on up with 21st century rewards cards. Stop by any Mission Burrito and ask for yours today.

Each visit that you spend $5 or more will earn you one point. Once you accumulate five points you get a free order of chips and guac. After ten points, you get a free burrito. Then the process starts over, it's that easy!

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Big Hit in Atascocita

December 21 2008
Five locations and growing. Mexican Restaurants Inc. (MRI) is proud to announce our newest Mission Burrito location on 1960 in Atascocita. We're located on the Atascocita Town Center entrance of Atascocita Commons (Near Super Target). 
For information regarding future openings, please join the Mission bClub. You can input your address in the top right corner of the page or navigate to our bClub Page. Stop by and ask Jimmy Ruckman or Elida Reza for our new Mission Burrito Advantage card. Earn points toward free food on every visit. The Mission MBA card is availalbe at select locations. All Mission locations will have the card soon so check back for details.  
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